The Optimized Life

is a deeply transformational journey designed to take you from frustrated and overwhelmed to healthy, empowered, and fulfilled.

This membership is an experience created for you to THRIVE by stepping into your new upgraded reality:

  • one where healthy choices become NATURAL
  • where you find FREEDOM from cravings
  • where you RADIATE confidence in your own skin
  • where you feel CELEBRATED in your successes and SUPPORTED through your challenges

This is YOUR time to Thrive

The Optimized Life is a World-Class Transformation Experience

that focuses less on “doing” and more on “becoming” so that this RESULT you want will last FOREVER.

This is for YOU if you want to:

QUIT Yo-Yo Dieting and solve this problem once and for all

Release excess weight AND the struggle that comes with it

THRIVE as the best version of yourself

What we offer in The Optimized Life

Transformational Toolkit

Access to Practice Better app and TOL FB Group for Training on:

  • Mastering Nutrition
  • Upgrading your Mindset
  • Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Faith-Based Meditations
  • Faith-Based Workouts
  • and more

1 to 1 Coaching

1 to 1 Coaching with one video session per month and weekly text check-ins from your coach to keep you on track and to ensure you get the support you need when you are feeling stuck.

This is where your membership gets personalized to YOU and addresses your unique needs.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is happening once a month, where we’ll have a membership mixer devoted to a specific coaching topic, with time for Q&A at the end. Group coaching and support also happen in the comments thread after these sessions (if you can’t make it live).

A community of support that can’t be overstated. Imagine growing in a community of Christian women where you can feel loved, safe, prayed over, and in connection with as you do this journey of health and wellness together.

Expert Advice

You’ll be supported, trained and coached by Dr. Catherine Henderson- pharmacist and functional medicine health coach.

Catherine delivers life coaching, nutritional support, mindset work and scriptural meditations each week.

Christian Workout Database

Gina Cordova, ACE Certified Fitness Trainer, brings new Faith and Fitness workouts to our program each week. 

We have workouts for every fitness level, including stretching, cardio, barre, pilates and strength workouts- all accompanied by Christian playlists to enrich your workout.

New Resources Each Week

When you join us, you’ll immediately get access to a collection of meal plans, recipes, workouts, and SO MUCH MORE.

In addition, we record every call and training and add it to our database- you get access to it all, to use at your own pace to help you make changes that will last a lifetime.

The start of YOUR Journey
  • Let’s learn all about you- we will send you online forms so that we can learn
    • your history
    • your goals
    • your vision
  • Welcome Call
  • Let us give you a tour of the program- familiarizing you with the resources
  • Plan Creation- between you and your coach, based on YOUR goals
  • Establishing the direction we will go, how we will measure progress, and setting expectations
  • Prep Week- you have your plan, let’s map out the logistics as well as the mental game
  • Review your plan- ask questions, revise as needed
  • Set yourself up for success
  • Get support from your coach on the best implementation strategies
  • Take part in a coaching call to hash out final details of your plan
  • Begin your first implementation week.
  • Feel really proud of the foundational work you’ve done
  • Know that things are truly going to work out this time.
  • Stay in touch with your coach, asking questions or for advice as things come up.
  • Use our pre-recorded resources (your coach may recommend specific recordings) that apply to you.
  • Participate in a 1:1 coaching session to troubleshoot the hard parts you are noticing.
  • Pivot based on solutions created in coaching.
  • Journal about what you are learning.
  • Continue to use our database of resources to learn strategies that apply to the changes you are making.
  • Celebrate the Wins from your first two weeks in action.
  • Work to identify behavioral patterns that are out of alignment with the life you are working to create.
  • Use the ongoing chat with your coach to report progress and challenges in real-time, so that you can adjust as you go.
  • Connect with other women in the group- being sure to utilized each other for support.
  • Work with your coach to uncover what beliefs are creating your patterns.
  • Do some releasing work to dissolve those beliefs as you expose them- your coach will share appropriate strategies to help you work through these beliefs.
  • All while continuing to work your plan- you’ll be amazed at how well you are able to stay on track, even when you are processing the emotional work of the program.
  • Decide what new beliefs you need to adopt- taking control of your internal dialogue and quieting your inner critic. Choosing to believe truth instead of the painful lies that have shaped your past.
  • Create subconscious cues to embed these new beliefs into your identity.
  • Continue to work your plan, noticing how much easier it is becoming.
  • Attend the Celebration Session with your fellow TOL clients to relish in your personal growth (and theirs!)
  • Work with your coach on revising your plan for the next 8 weeks.

Frequently asked questions

..So, while it will be up to YOU to succeed this community will be here to support you ALL the way. We are all in for your success.

How much time will I need to devote to this program each week?

Redesigning your lifestyle once and for all is A LOT of work- I’m not going to candy-coat it for you. However, you won’t be using every resource every week. Most people choose 1-2 resources to use each week based on their needs and their schedule. Our goal is optimize every aspect of your life- and that includes your time. We want to help you establish what time you DO have available, and then make the most of what you have. Your coach will be there every step of the way to direct you to the resources that will be the most meaningful to you RIGHT NOW.

Will this work for me? I’ve tried a LOT of things before and nothing ever works for me.

I want you to know that this is a personalized approach of continuous improvement in your life. You will learn how to navigate the process of change over and over and over until you reach the destination you seek. What is different about this program, in comparison to other programs out there, is that we teach you tools to last you a lifetime instead of giving you a short-term, cookie-cutter approach. Your results are inevitable when you use the strategies that we teach and use in our own lives.

What are the typical results that your clients see?

The Optimized Life is an all-inclusive program and we are offering a solution to physical health, mental health, and spiritual growth. All of the pieces of our program work hand in hand to create a variety of results like these things that our clients have reported:

Losing weight (10 lbs, 20 lbs, 35 lbs, or more)

Improving lab values- cholesterol levels, insulin resistance, blood pressure, inflammatory markers and more

Releasing feelings of anxiety and depression by learning to rewire their mind with positive thoughts

Quieting the inner critic so that they can extend grace to themselves, while still moving forward and working on their goals

Healing relationships that have been a long-term struggle

Renewing their relationship with God through intentionally connecting with Him

I only want to commit for 3 months, is there an option for that?

We recommend that you maintain your membership for AT LEAST one year. Lasting change takes time. However, we are now opening our doors to month-by-month members. There is no contract required and you can cancel anytime by simply emailing our team at

Tools for Transformation

Personalizing your Plan Visioning your Future
Goal-Setting Course Mapping
Habit Forming

Redefining Belief Systems
Exploring Resistance
Shifting Automatic Behaviors
Releasing Strongholds

Nutrition Foundations
Emotional Wellness
Spiritual Growth and Connection
Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies

Not sure if The Optimized life is for you?

Let’s chat!

Let’s connect to discuss your goals, health habits, road blocks, and answer your questions! We would love to brain storm with you to determine a good path for you to reach your health goals. If our program is not for you, we would still love to connect with you and point you in the right direction. Book your FREE consult call. No pressure. No pitches. We are here to see YOU succeed!

I have lost 20 pounds in the first half of my year working with Catherine and been able to discontinue my antidepressants. Hoping to repeat that in these next 6 months. But more that that,, I’m slowly establishing much better habits.. Learning to use food as fuel and not for any other reason! Making small improvements in my nutrition but being consistent and learning that I can continue to work on my goals even when hard things hit at home and in life has been a big mindset shift for me. I see a big shift in how I manage stress.
Tina B.
The Optimized Life has changed my life in so many ways for the better! I have learned (and am continuing to learn) so much about different foods and how they affect my body and how I feel. I have learned to view my body and myself in a completely different, more positive way. I see myself as God sees me now- as His child who He created. I learned that this is my new way of life, not a temporary “diet” that I will end when I get to my goal weight. I don’t feel deprived at all. Catherine has provided me with so much accountability, reminding me of my why, providing me with TONS of recipes and meal plans, and reminding me to take time for me. Sydney has been an invaluable addition with all her information on nutrition. I haven’t worked with her as much as Catherine but I can see she’s going to be a huge asset to The Optimized Life!
Since starting the Optimized Life in August 2020 I have lost over 35 lbs, gained an enormous library of healthy meals for my family, completely changed the way I snack and cook for my family, gained so much knowledge about how different foods make me feel, learned about teaching my children new healthy habits, incorporated daily routines in God’s Word, started viewing myself as a Child of God and how God views me, and So. Much. More.
Jennifer C.
My experience with TOL was cautious at first; skeptical at best. turned believer in this community because of the leaders and the centeredness on our Creator!
The guidance, coaching, and support are there for the taking. BUT you have to take it! Grace abounds. Faith ignites and new friends are formed. Forever grateful for this community. I may not engage on a regular basis, BUT, I engage more than I ever have on any other program. That, my friend, is saying a lot.
This program has removed the condemnation and shame of my choices. (the good, better best helped with that). I am learning that I cover up triggers instead of facing them head-on. Confirming it is hard to work out at home. Equally confirming I am able to do this for myself to have the vitality needed to pursue my God-given missions.
I would recommend TOL to anyone that has DUMPED lots of time and money into programs that are not teaching/coaching on “transformational” sustainable change.
Teresa L.

What’s the Cost?

Improving your health requires an investment. Your time, resources, energy, and even finances are all required for a long-lasting change in your life. Make the INVESTMENT in you.
You DESERVE to find the freedom and success that come with a healthy lifestyle. You DO NOT need to tackle the world of wellness ALONE. You DESERVE to have support on your journey.
We would be HONORED to guide you through this life-altering process.
The Optimized Life is designed to be that INVESTMENT that your body, mind, and spirit need

Join us in The Optimized Life

Membership Level


Our entry-level membership is designed to help you get your foot in the door to working with us. This is for you if you need the resources we offer and want to take a DIY approach.

This membership includes access to:

  • Meal Plan Subscription: 4 New Meal Plans Released Each Month
  • Foundations Course: 12 weeks to a Healthy Lifestyle
  • TOL Workouts: Weekly Faith-Based Workout Release
  • TOL Meditations: Biweekly Scriptural Meditation Release

Optimizer Level


This is the sweet spot for those that want the resources alongside support and community. When you are ready to dive deeper into your health and what drives your decisions, this is the membership for you.

  • Includes everything in the Membership Level


  • Incudes everything in the Membership Level
  • TOL Advanced Coaching Concepts: Includes tools for subconscious reprogramming, self-coaching, overcoming emotional eating, improving relationships and more.
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call Access: Monthly Client Mixer devoted to a specific coaching topic, with Q&A at the end. Calls to be recorded for those that can’t make it live.
  • TOL Facebook Community Access 

Lifer Level


This is our highest level of support for those that are looking to make massive shifts in their life in the shortest amount of time. Catherine will be working with you 1-to-1 to personalize a plan for you, hold you accountable, and push you toward success.

  • Includes everything in the Optimizer Level 


  • Monthly 1-to-1 coaching session with Catherine
  • Direct chat messaging access to Catherine Monday – Friday