3 Simple Tips to Level Up Your Nutrition

Hello, and welcome to Your Own Wellbeing, the podcast. My name is Catherine Henderson, and I am your host. Welcome to today’s episode on three ways to level up your nutrition.

I can’t wait to share these tips with you today. I hope you will stick around and listen to the very end because I also have a special announcement. It’s a freebie you will not want to miss.

Nutrition and Wellness

Alright, let’s get started. I’ve got three tips for you today about how to level up your nutrition because I know that your nutrition is a huge part of your overall health and wellness. It’s such a big part of how you feel right now, day to day. It’s such a big part of preventing future health episodes. This is something we’ve got to get right.

I am someone who has struggled with nutrition in her own life. To this day, it’s something that I still have to stay focused on because if I’m not focusing on it, I tend to backtrack into old patterns. Can you relate?

So I’ve got three tips today that have been pivotal in my understanding of nutrition and my ability to do nutrition well. I know they will help you just like they helped me.

Decisions Ahead of Time

So number one, the first one right out of the gate, the most important one for you to get, is “decisions ahead of time.” You must start making decisions ahead of time about what you’re going to do for your nutrition.

That means whenever it is for you, at the beginning of the week, or the beginning of every day, or maybe if you’re a super planner at the beginning of the month, you’ve already decided what the day is going to be like. What the week or what the month will be like in relation to your nutrition.

There are a few reasons why this works really well.

Harnessing Neuroscience

When you make decisions ahead of time, it forces you to use the part of your brain that is most concerned with your long-term goals. It’s the part of your brain that really wants the best for you now and in the future versus when you make decisions right before a meal.

primal brain

Typically, you are using a part of your brain that is focused at the moment, you’re using more of your survival instincts, you’re using your primal brain, and your primal brain is only concerned with survival. That primal brain is making decisions right now for what you’re going to do at the moment.

It is always going to choose foods that are more calorie-dense or that are more likely to put weight on your body because that’s what our bodies are designed to do for survival, right? To help you live through a famine. But we’re not in famine times. So we don’t need to make those kinds of choices.


Right now, we are in times of abundance of food, so we need to be able to make choices that help us with long-term goals and longevity. So using our cortex, the way that we use our cortex is by making decisions ahead of time, before we’re in the moment, because it forces us to use the part of our brain that’s going to think about our best outcomes.

Decision Fatigue

All right. So the other thing that I will tell you about making decisions ahead of time is that you decrease the chance of decision fatigue, decision.

Fatigue is a real thing, and it comes when you are trying to make changes in your life, and you’re trying to make new decisions. So when you are “going on a diet,” when you’re changing your nutrition and trying to eat healthier…… Side note: I don’t love the term going on a diet. But I know it does describe what we do when we start making changes to our nutrition.

So when you start making those lifestyle changes, you have to make every single decision differently than what you would have in the past. You have to explore every decision. You have to think about every decision. And when you are doing that, your brain gets a little bit tired of making decisions, right?

the breaking point

At some point, you’re tired and you’re hungry. You don’t want to go to the effort of trying to figure out the healthiest version of what you could have right now, so you get that decision fatigue.

However, if you had made decisions ahead of time, you wouldn’t be in that position. Right?

You would have already made the decision when you were full of energy, and things would be easier now. So something to think about is making decisions ahead of time. That is your number one tip for how to level up your nutrition game.

Prevent Cravings

Number two, prevent cravings with pre-portioned, smart snacks. This kind of combines a little bit of number one, those pre-portioned snacks. So what I mean by that is, there are times when you’re going to face cravings, either when you’re making changes to your nutrition or just when you’re like living your life and you’re already living a healthy lifestyle. Out of nowhere, a craving hits, and it’s something that you want to avoid.

One of the best ways to avoid that is knowing where your weak spots are and then having an easy plan in place.

Anatomy of a craving

Okay, here’s what happens when you have a craving for something: When you have that craving, it usually hits out of seemingly nowhere; although there probably was a trigger for it, you just might have missed it. That craving wants to be satisfied right now, right in this moment. So what we need to do is have a comprehensive craving plan.

So have a snack that’s ready. If a craving strikes, you have something that’s easy, already been decided upon, that you can grab when a craving strikes. Or you have a pre-portioned snack that you can go ahead and plan to have in times when you know you’re likely to have a craving.

know your weak spots

So, for example, many people experience cravings in the evening hours, sometime after they’ve had their last meal of the day. Before they go to bed, it’s time to settle in for the night. They want something comforting. They have a mindset that they deserve something enjoyable because they worked so hard all day, and the craving strikes. That is the time to have a smart snack.

smart snacks

When I say smart snack, I mean something that is going to give nutritional benefits to you. Having that smart snack planned ahead of time and pre-portioned out, easy ready to grab and go, is going to be your best bet for dealing with cravings.

Some of my favorite smart snacks are yogurt, pistachios and avocados.

Avoid “Food that Shows Up”

Tip number three, this is another game-changer for you. Tip number three is to avoid food that shows up. Okay, “food that shows up” is my fun way of talking about things that people bring to your workplace or things that happen when suddenly there is an event or a party that has something you didn’t expect to be there and you think you just have to have it. You just have to have the food that shows up at work because it’s a treat out of nowhere. Or you just have to indulge in this thing at a party because you haven’t had that thing and so long, and here it is, right?

identity shift

Food that shows up can be such a detriment to your health in the long run because it creates this identity of you choosing that food over choosing your long-term health. It creates this identity of you as someone who loves food as an indulgent, loves food as a reward, loves food as socialization, a lot of things that you’re attaching to the idea of food that shouldn’t be attached to things, that shouldn’t go together.

Simply trying to follow this rule of saying, “I don’t eat food that shows up,” allows you to stick to the identity of the foods that you’ve already chosen, right? Hopefully, at this point, you’ve decided you’re going to make food decisions ahead of time, and now you’re going to affirm that as an identity by avoiding food that shows up when food shows up.

gaining control

Really leaning into and practicing the idea that “I don’t have to eat that thing just because it showed up.” “That thing has no power over me just because it showed up.” This is how you begin to gain control over your nutrition choices instead of constantly spinning out of control and feeling like you’re a slave to your cravings, to the things that show up, and to all of those decisions that you don’t have any control over.

This is how you begin to win the war against nutrition that you’re fighting in your mind, your body, and your life.

I hope these three simple tips to level up your nutrition are game-changers for you. They certainly have been game-changers for me.

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