Carrot Cake Breakfast Bar Recipe

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Check out this week’s recipe! This carrot cake breakfast bar recipe would make a perfect grab-and-go breakfast option if you plan ahead!

Ok- I’m going, to be honest. I would never make this recipe a part of my regular breakfast meal prep – LOL! You probably wonder why I’m sharing it here.

Well, it’s because I love you, sister! And I know that YOU may be like the other ladies in my nutrition group who seem to LOVE this recipe and who like to take some extra time to meal prep for breakfast.

The benefits

This carrot cake bar recipe sounds delightful, and it comes in at just 7 gm of sugar per serving- pair it with a boiled egg for breakfast, and you have a well-rounded morning treat.

I always look at the grams of sugar in a recipe before I decide to make it. My cut-off for every day meals and snacks is 9 gm of sugar per serving. This is because 9 gm is about the point at which you can start to have a blood sugar spike.

I recommend reserving higher sugar treats for special occasions and keeping your day to day sugar intake fairly low.

Complete the Meal

You could use this breakfast bar as a snack or as a part of a meal for breakfast. To make your breakfast complete you may want to add in another source of protein. I love having boiled eggs on hand for meals like this. Boiled eggs keep well in the refrigerator, making them a great meal prep staple.

Some other options to add more protein to complete the meal: Breakfast sausage, a shake, or this eggs and sauerkraut recipe.

And, if you are like me and know you won’t realistically make time for a fancy breakfast recipe like this, it’s cool, you can have eggs and salsa or this post-workout green smoothie with me!

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