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We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our goal is to help restore your mind, body, and spirit- to make you feel whole again. We want to connect your spiritual wellbeing to your physical wellbeing in a way that is quite unique.

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Defining Wellness- a health coach podcast

Defining Wellness- a health coach podcast

How do you define wellness? Listen in today for how we do, and if you enjoy this episode we want you to join us for How to Live Well on July 11th – 13th.

Key points:

Wellness begins with spiritual wellness, and the Goodness of God trickles down to emotional wellness and physical wellness. We often approach this backwards, or don’t connect these at all. God has provided us with traditional pharmacies (medications that we often think of that I am so thankful for) but He has also given us an internal pharmacy through the chemicals that are created in our bodies, and He has given us a natural pharmacy in the form of the foods that we eat. We can harness the power of these to create a life of peace and harmony– so that we can reach out a hand to help others and focus on our God-given purpose. The world offers up a different version of wellness- it’s is empty and focuses on achieving the pinnacle of human potential. It is a road to nowhere and another form of trying to work our way to worthiness. You can create a life of wellness now- as you are- and allow that to naturally create results towards your goals. God first, creates wellness and wholeness, and then results. Not the other way around.

Making Your Weakness into Your Strength – a health coach podcast

Making Your Weakness into Your Strength – a health coach podcast

If you are on a health journey– or any goal-oriented journey for that matter– you will likely discover some weaknesses along the way. Often, the key to reaching our goals is overcoming these weaknesses. This seems obvious enough, however, many of us tend to avoid these and we spend lots of time and energy “working” on our goals without ever really changing the thing that will move the needle for us.

In a recent Monday Mindset session we discussed this topic and decided to share some thoughts about it with you all here on the podcast.