Your Own Wellbeing

Who are we?

We are a team of women with an overwhelming passion for seeing other women find success, joy, and purpose on their road to their best selves! Get past your overwhelm. Transform your: spirit, mind, and body. We provide plans to help women make healthy changes and live a life of fulfillment.

At Your Own Wellbeing, we strive to connect you with the healthiest version of you. We offer individual health coaching, group coaching, meal plans, health courses, and virtual events. Not to mention our free content on social media aimed at supplementing and encouraging you on your path to healthy living.

Your Own Wellbeing

Meet Your Coach

Catherine Henderson

Catherine is the founder and visionary behind Your Own Wellbeing. First and foremost, Catherine is a strong Christian.

“I believe there is one God and one way to God. I believe in the Holy Bible. God has prepared good works for us, and we are to walk in them— but I think we are missing them sometimes, and I’d like to help remedy that.”

With years as a pharmacist under her belt, Catherine has a passion for health.

“I’d much rather help someone get off their medications than start them. I believe in disease prevention. I believe in feeling your best so that you can do your best for Christ and His Kingdom.”

Here is what Catherine has to say about her dreams, vision, and passion that brought about Your Own Wellbeing:

“For quite some time now, I’ve had a love for healthy, restorative practices, and it has fueled my passion for Christ. Let me explain. I used to think of my physical body as “not good enough”- never thin enough or toned enough or fast enough or strong enough. So, I would push and push my body to try to fit some mold that I had in mind as perfect. I was never satisfied, and I never thought of my physical health as a reflection of God.

This was in opposition to what God says about me.  

Then, God opened another door for me, and I began the process of learning how to balance hormones in a woman’s body using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. This opened my eyes to an entirely new kind of health care- preventative medicine, functional medicine, and lifestyle medicine.

Functional medicine seeks to discover the root cause of symptoms and remedy it, as opposed to the current conventional medical community that spends more time treating symptoms rather than determining their cause.  Therefore, I committed to learning all that I could about functional medicine and went through a fellowship program to guide me.  

While using the principles I learned in my functional medicine training, I began seeing a few patterns in my patients. The patients who did really well with me and were seeing lasting change had begun to follow a healthy eating plan, exercise, or meditate in conjunction with the prescriptions and supplements I recommended. However, the patients who were unimpressed with my services were not putting in the work- they had been looking for the bandaid approach. 

This led to a major epiphany for me- I am not in charge of people’s health. I hold no power to heal. God is in control of healing, and you are responsible for taking care of yourself. I am here to guide, advise, motivate and inspire. 

That is how I came up with the title for this site- Your Own Wellbeing. You’re responsible for finding the things that work for you, and you’re responsible for doing them— and it always involves something more than a pill. 

Where you can find us!

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