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Hello, everyone, and welcome to Your Own Wellbeing the podcast. My name is Catherine Henderson, and I am your host. Today, I wanted to share a recording that we did recently in The Optimized Life, which is my coaching group. Every week in The Optimized Life, we have a session called “Monday Mindset.” In these sessions, we always tackle some part of our mindset that we need to work on. We’ll take a topic related to it, and we will open up some discoveries to create new thoughts for our mindset that will serve us in the future. This episode is about “turning your weakness into your strength.”

Good grief, it is summertime. I just heard kids screaming outside my window; you probably caught that on the mic, too. I’m sure it will be fine. Anyway, with no further ado, I want to give you the recording. I hope you all are blessed by it. Have a good day.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Monday Mindset. I hope you guys are having a fantastic week so far. Our topic for today is making your weakness into your strength. What I wanted to share with you today is that often when we have a goal that we’re trying to accomplish, when we have something that we are trying to work towards, when we are on this journey, we often have one thing or maybe kind of a series of things or a conglomeration of things that go together, that are standing in our way. I want to give you some examples of how those things have shown up in my life so far so that you can think about how they are showing up in your lifetime. Also, you can think about what those things are and begin to address them.

Some examples in my life: when I was in college, I was working on going to pharmacy school as an undergrad, and it became very apparent early on in college that I had no idea how to study. I was one of those kids who easily made great grades in high school and never had to worry about anything until I got to college; then, it was like a whole new world. All of a sudden, everything was very difficult. However, everything I wanted, the career I wanted, was on the other side of that barrier of learning how to study.

As a part of that barrier, some of that was very mechanical, like learning how to study, how to create a study schedule, how I learn best, and what tools I can use to incorporate to help myself learn better. So much of that was very manual, mechanical, logistical, and practical things that I had to learn. I had to overcome the emotion of feeling all of a sudden, like, I was stupid, you know, whereas I’d always thought I was smart. Then I had all of this mental drama around “well, maybe my high school just wasn’t good enough.” Or “maybe I’m not as smart as I think I am,” or bla bla bla, all of the drama that came along with that. Everything I wanted was on the other side of that. Because of that, it felt like the stakes were very high. I just had to do it. There was no choice in the matter. I just had to do it. So I did write, at least for me, there was no choice. In reality, there was a choice. The choice was just to quit, but I guess I didn’t know it or realize that was a choice or maybe didn’t consider it a choice. So anyway, because it was no choice. I just did it.

Okay. Moving on, fast forward. When I became a new mom, I felt very, very ill-equipped. People talk about that being very natural, but for me, it was not. I was the youngest child. I was the youngest child of the youngest child. So what that means is that I was the youngest child of the youngest child and an only child. Because of this, all of my cousins were older than me. On my mom’s side, where I had many cousins, they were all older than me. And on my dad’s side had no cousins. I did, but they were more distant cousins because he was only a child. So I don’t know, you know, that whole, like, twice removed deal.

Anyway, long story short, I’ve never been around people younger than me, and I had never cared for other children. I had never been around babies before. So suddenly, having a baby, it became very apparent that I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have a lot to learn. And so, because there was no choice, everything I wanted was on the other side of learning. I just had to do it, right? I wanted to be a good mom, and to be a good mom, I had to learn all these things. And so, I had no choice. So I just did it.

Okay, couple more examples. When I started running. Growing up, I was very active, but I hated to run. They used to make us run in gymnastics, and I despised it. But there was a time in my life when running was the right exercise choice for me for a myriad of reasons, but I didn’t know how to do it. I didn’t have the ability to do it. I started running but didn’t have the physical ability to do it. I did not have the know-how to pace myself. Breathing techniques to keep my heart rate down, I still don’t know much about, you know, striking and all those things. But, but long story short, I really wanted to run. Because of that, I had to learn how to do it. I had to commit to doing it. The only way to be able to run was to run.

Last one, and then we’ll start making the application for you. When I started to learn how to eat healthier. I was a junk food junkie. I don’t know if you guys know that, but I’m not kidding when I say I used to have a bottle of ketchup on my nightstand because I ate fast food. But so often, I was a junk food junkie. I didn’t know how to cook. I didn’t know what was healthy and certainly did not know how to do any kind of batch cooking, whatever. But the way that I was living was no longer serving me. I realized that I was starting to feel old at a very young age, and I had to make a change. Everything I wanted was on the other side of learning those techniques. I loved how the other day in Sydney’s nutrition video, she talked a little bit about how when she first started batch cooking and really working on her nutrition, she made a lot of missteps along the way. I was the same, a lot of wasted food, a lot of recipes that I did not like and ended up throwing out because I just felt like I couldn’t eat them, a lot of things that I would, you know, maybe would eat that were unpleasant. And then, later, I would go back and learn how to edit the recipe. That’s what Sydney was sharing too. There just are a lot of things that you learn along the way. That is a part of the journey.

What I want to impress upon you today, when we think about making our weakness our strength, is that I want to encourage you to take on a relentless pursuit of learning that weakness, recognizing that weakness, and then learning how to overcome it. Letting that weakness be the thing you’re like, “This is the ticket. This is the cost of admission. This is the thing I must overcome, and everything I’m chasing, every goal I’m after right now, is on the other side of this thing. There is no other choice but to learn this thing.”

I say that to you today because I know that when you’re on this long journey, there are moments where we can kind of sit back. You know, like when I was talking about school, how I said everything I wanted was on the other side of learning that, and there was no other choice? Especially when you think about becoming a mom, like there’s no other choice but to, you know, learn the thing so you can be a good mom, right? There’s no other choice on this journey. Sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking, well, there’s another choice, I don’t have to do anything. That’s where we get into the mental gymnastics of doing a lot of things but not doing the one thing that’s really going to make the difference. That one thing is making that thing that is your weakness into your strength. So I hope that’s, that’s resonating with you and making sense.

I want to encourage you to identify what is the one thing that is the most significant barrier between you and your goal and committing to making that barrier into a strength, making that barrier into something that is no longer a barrier and, in fact, you’re actually so awesome at that thing. Whether it be learning nutrition, meal, prepping, setting up your schedule for the week, or creating habits that you just do on autopilot, whatever it is. Whatever is the thing for you, that’s your most significant holdup; make that a source of excellence in your life. Then you will begin to see the results pay off in dividends.

So that’s what I have for you guys today. I hope that is encouraging. I hope it is inspiring and makes you want to get to business. I hope you have a great day. I will talk to you soon.

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